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    Electromagnetic extracorporeal shock wave therapy machine XYS.GU-1S

    Source: Author: Date: 2017-11-13

    Product treatment principle

    New element electromagnetic ECW therapeutic machine adopts electromagnetic focal shock wave generation. The pulsed electromagnetic wave generated by inductance coils is transformed into the shock wave by the vibrating diaphragm. The wave then passes through the body fluid and tissues to the affected part. Because of the difference in contacting medium, different mechanical stresses are generated, meaning different pulling stresses and pressure stresses are generated on cells. The pulling stresses can induce inter-tissue debonding while the pressure stresses can deform the cell elasticity which increase oxygen intake of cells, improve local blood circulation, thus curing diseases.


    Product Advantages:

    As a non-invasive treatment in orthopedics, extracorporeal shock wave treatment has become a brand-new non-surgical treatment. Compared with traditional surgical operations, it has many advantages.

    For example: almost no need to be hospitalized; less pain after surgery with fewer complications; short treatment cycle and low treatment risks; high cure rate and so on.

                XYS.GU-1S shock wave therapeutic machine has double treatment heads. It is the only type of the shock wave therapeutic machine in China that integrates fixed electromagnetic wave source and handheld electromagnetic wave source and can treat two pain points at the same time.

                The fixed device for wave source is electrically locked, which prevents wave source displacement during treatment.

                Long-life soft-touch operation panel.

                Integrated design with the appearance design patent certificate.

    Clinical Applications

    Bone Diseases: bone fracture delayed healing, fracture nonunion, ischemic necrosis of caput femoris of adults.

    Soft Tissue Chronic Injury Diseases: calcified shoulder joint retrograde peri-implantitis, lateral epicondylitis, internal humeral epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, dead-center achilles tendinitis, and longum of biceps brachii never (LBBN) teninitis.

    Clinical Departments

    Rehabilitation department, physiotherapy department, orthopedics department, pain treatment department, sport medicine department, traditional Chinese medicine department.